Should ‘O Canada’ be “gender neutral”?

BREAKING! Toronto Councillor wants to make O Canada gender neutral!


In other news, I just got off the phone with The English Language.  She tells me our national anthem, “Oh Canada”, is outdated. “Thy”? “Thee”? Seriously, who uses words like these in the 21st Century? Nobody!


Fortunately, she sent me an updated edition of our country’s treasured hymn that is sure to appease EVERY Canadian:


O Canada, our home and native land

True patriot love, in all thy sons ….in all OUR sons…LET all OF US command

With glowing hearts we see thee YOU rise

The truth North strong and free TRUE

From far and wide, O Canada

We stand on guard for thee YOU

God LET’S keep our land

Glorious and free PROUD

O Canada we stand on guard for thee RIGHT NOW

O Canada we stand on guard for thee RIGHT NOW




In the name of political correctness, we tamper with the legacy of the past.


It’s not that this generation of Canadians doesn’t believe in affording EVERY person equal right and opportunity. We DO believe in those values. But we also afford our ancestors equal right to be who they were, in their culture; and we honour the traditions they passed down.


Let’s keep our national anthem the way in was written.


What do you think?




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