Are YOU a “millennial”? Read on to find out!

I am an early millennial.  I was born in 1982.  Depending on what expert you talk to, that makes me one of the first of my generation.  An elder member.  What about you…do you fall into the millennial generation?


Do you remember before the Internet?  Do you remember, as a child, getting the Internet?  Did you own a pager in high school?  Was snake your favourite cellphone game?  Did u used 2 shorten yr txts 2 fit 160 characters?  Before Facebook, did you use ICQ, MSN Messenger, Geocities and MySpace?  Do you remember when Napster was the spot for music, not iTunes?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may also be an early millennial, too.

Click on the image to magnify.

Click on the image to magnify.

As 20-somethings we joined Facebook, (left MySpace), bought Iphones, got Twitter, got Instagram, made YouTube videos, and hashtagged when most people still thought it was “the number sign”.


We helped invent the selfie, put CD stores out of business, and even helped make stars out of the late-era millennials Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift.  (Don’t hate, haters.)  But elder millenials know that the real pop heroes will always be BSB, N’Sync, and Britney…okay, and Hanson!


Millennials are a great generation.  We are confident, capable, and caring.   Some say our values are less like our boomer parents and more like our pre-boomer grandparents.


I also belong to a cultural subset called “Christian”.  Christian millennials tended to reject cheesy “mainstream Christian” music, embraced passionate worship, and sought to be more authentic and accountable in our pursuit of holiness.


Each generation is responsible for owning and passing on their faith.  Many say millennials don’t have a strong set of orthodox beliefs.  I disagree.  I think a lot of millennials are marrying, having kids, and yearning to settle into a faith system – perhaps the Christian faith of their mothers, fathers, grandparents, etc.


As a Christian, my mission is far from done.  As an elder member of my generation, I feel a burden of responsibility to carry on the torch of the Gospel, which is the good news of Jesus Christ.  I long to see my generation find more and more freedom by embracing a faith in God, and all that decision represents.



I hope one day,

When I’m old and gray,

I can look back and say,

Of my generation,


[This] is the generation of those who seek Him, who seek the face of the God of Jacob.  

Psalm 24:6 (HCSB)


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