Evangelical Christianity

Evangelical History in Canada – Henry Alline, 1748-1784

  “The Apostle of Nova Scotia”, was the nickname coined for Canada’s greatest revivalist, Henry Alline. Alline was born in Newport, Rhode Island to a family whose roots went back to The Mayflower. Around 1759 his father dove at the opportunity to claim free fertile land in Nova Scotia. Despite not having a farming background, he moved the family to… Read more →

Sex Education Curriculum: Three Christian Responses

I’ve read a lot of opinions this week from Christians regarding the new Ontario Sex Education curriculum. The opinions vary from “throw out the whole thing” to “mostly good, a couple not great parts”.   Here are three responsive options parents have that I believe are God-honouring and helpful in your child’s spiritual development.     Put your kids in… Read more →

Will Aliens Ever Land and How Would That Affect Christian Faith?

This is a great question that a student asked me: What happens when the aliens land?  Being the third generation evangelical that I am, I told him that we would just need to keep preaching the gospel because aliens need Jesus, too. (obviously)   But seriously – is this even a possibility?   Dr. Frank Drake wrote an equation in… Read more →

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