1 Corinthians 1:25

"For the foolishness of God is wiser than men..."

Evangelical History in Canada – Henry Alline, 1748-1784

  “The Apostle of Nova Scotia”, was the nickname coined for Canada’s greatest revivalist, Henry Alline. Alline was born in Newport, Rhode Island to a family whose roots went back to The Mayflower. Around 1759 his father dove at the opportunity to claim free fertile land in Nova Scotia. Despite not having a farming background, he moved the family to… Read more →

Sex Education Curriculum: Three Christian Responses

I’ve read a lot of opinions this week from Christians regarding the new Ontario Sex Education curriculum. The opinions vary from “throw out the whole thing” to “mostly good, a couple not great parts”.   Here are three responsive options parents have that I believe are God-honouring and helpful in your child’s spiritual development.     Put your kids in… Read more →

How Teens Use Social Media – Pt. 2

How Today’s Teens Use Social Media – Part 2: Guidelines   Part 1 is HERE, on the social media Platforms teens most commonly use.   Social Media is an ever-evolving platform. From geocities in the late 90’s, to MySpace at the turn of the century, to the plethora of social media options today, parents, teachers, and youth workers are always… Read more →

How Teens Use Social Media, Part 1

How Teens Use Social Media / Part 1: Platforms   I teach forty-five 13-year olds.   Recently I decided to switch things up in the Bible classes that I teach, to focus on the reality that many students are engaging in social media at increasingly younger ages.   Here are some stats: 1) According to research, more than 52% are… Read more →

Euthanasia is Coming to Canada

I remember as a kid hearing people talk on the radio about doctor-assisted suicide. I had no idea what any of this had to do with the ‘youth in Asia’ but it seemed like people had a lot of different opinions on the subject. Sometimes I wish I still had the innocence of a child.   Fast-forward 25 years and… Read more →

Will Aliens Ever Land and How Would That Affect Christian Faith?

This is a great question that a student asked me: What happens when the aliens land?  Being the third generation evangelical that I am, I told him that we would just need to keep preaching the gospel because aliens need Jesus, too. (obviously)   But seriously – is this even a possibility?   Dr. Frank Drake wrote an equation in… Read more →

Unlocking the Power of Rug Leadership! Part 2

Part 2 of 3   In PART 1, we talked about the big idea behind Rug Leadership: The people you lead are on the rug…now you as the leader need to pick up an edge and get that rug moving!   In Part 2 we will explore how rug leaders utilize TIME and VISION to move people in the right… Read more →

Unlocking the Power of Rug Leadership! Part 1 – The Concept

Part 1 of 3   In his groundbreaking book, “Good to Great”, leadership guru Jim Collins wrote that leaders need to work at “getting the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats.” Collins offers you and I great advice, but the process of getting, eliminating, and rearranging people… Read more →

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